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From origins of robotics

The best way to start this news section is talking about the evolution that robotics has experienced since its appearance.

Nowadays, we can say that is is present in all sectors, not like a few years ago that their presence was restricted mainly to industry and the automotive industry. That was history because it has been such scope that in any home, we can find a robot very simple which has been widely accepted, the robot vacuum cleaner. Also sectors like medicine or agriculture have found in robotics a great partner to reduce costs and to save time in their processes.

Robotics is dedicated to multiple industries branch from construction and design to manufacture and structural disposition that continues to advance. Moreover the robotics have found new channels of development.

Undoubtedly, the branch ,which has progress more, has been the professional service robotics, branch that is not dedicated in the manufacture of goods or parts of uniform way and constant but robots that are implanted for professional services they do is help humans in their professions to work for lack of skill, risk or the environment in which the work is performed that a robot need to carry it out. Therefore, and as you can imagine after this brief description, the applications for these robots can be used are infinite.

To highlight some of them, I think that it is neccesary to highlight the robots used in surgery, known as surgeons or surgical robots. They sometimes make complex tasks with an accuracy of thousandths of a millimeter, so is that for this reason they are quite expensive range, with prices around a million and a half euros.
Other applications can be used in nuclear robots, underwater robots, and space robots or agriculture. All his work are tasks that humans can have some sort of risk or for those who need extreme precision.

But where there is a long way to go is the part of personal or household robotics. This branch came six years ago but is currently in the eye sight of the investigators and it is clear that in the coming years will experience the strongest growth.

Possibilities are being considered as elderly care and children with difficulties in movement and communication, are known as care robots.

How do you see the future of this sector?

Currently Spain is in the seventh position in worldwide scale of installed robots, truly a position that is in line with the automotive industry and vehicle manufacturing in the country.

Looking forward there are many changes expected in the field of robotics, such as dual-arm robots (which will be safer), advances in software standardization and more applications on the part of service robotics as well as on the personal.

Therefore we can say that despite the great development experienced in the last thirty years, there is still much to see and discover and from SRM SYSTEM will be reporting all the news and get in knowledge of all our products and services.
Welcome to the world of robotics and automation!
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